Serpentine Squiggles

The Pit of Snakes

A serpent rises, whiter than the root
Of some venefic bloom in darkness grown,
And gazes up with green-lit eyes that seem
Like drops of cold, congealing poison.

Clark Ashton Smith, “The Hashish-Eater, or the Apocalypse of Evil”

A den for compositions of words, sound and pixels. We’ve written stories and essays, drawn artwork, composed several albums, and even started work on some game demos. This site hosts them all.

Notable among them:

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Outlines and Worldbuilding

Corruption Combustion, a Murder Drones alternate universe inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen. (36k words total).

An Opaque Heart (35k words.html), a tragic Murder Drone divergence fic where J & V never breach the outpost, leaving N and Uzi to wander the icy wastes on their own. Uzi is torn between love and her need for answers. It’s complete!

On Myconids” a creative take on how sapient mushroom biology could work.

Shorts and Teasers


I’m often long winded, but sometimes I only have a small thought to share. These essays are only several hundred words, perhaps a thousand.

Singing songs of serpent silence
While snakes devour time and tail
As act of great defiance

Schammasch, "Serpent Silence"